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Fees That Fit Your Budget!

The fees are discussed at the initial contact, usually over e-mail.  The fees are tailored depending on the number of treatment sessions needed for improvement, taking into consideration your individual budget.  Fees will be as affordable as possible so you can experience the maximum benefits from acupuncture treatment.  If you just want to try out acupuncture once to see if it works for you I will be happy to accommodate you. You might even be able to see some benefits from one short treatment! 

For any questions or concerns, please e-mail me atinfo@newyorkgrassrootsacu.com

What You Can Expect in Your Initial Session:

The initial session will start with an in-depth intake of 30~45 minutes to
diagnose  your condition, which includes: checking your tongue,  taking
your  pulse  and  palpation of the  abdomen.  The actual treatment takes
about 45 to 60 minutes.  The initial appointment  will  be approximately
90 minutes.  The  time  may vary  depending  on each individual because
everybody is different and unique!

If You Are Ready to Make an appointment for Your First Session:

E-mail me at  info@NewYorkGrassRootsAcu.com   with  your  1st and 2nd
choice  for  an  appointment  date and time. You will soon receive an  e-mail
confirming  the date  and time of your  appointment.  If you have questions,
comments or concerns, you are more than welcome to contact me anytime!