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Welcome to New York GrassRoots Acupuncture!
Welcome to New York GrassRoots Acupuncture!

Our mission is to "spread the seeds of acupuncture" simply because acupuncture does work.  The history of acupuncture in the United States is relatively recent but acupuncture itself has more than 3000 years of history in China.  Acupuncture's limited acceptance in society may be due in part to its exotic nature and the misleading image that that acupuncture is a luxury treatment that only a few can afford.  Acupuncture has been effectively used to help treat symptoms which are the result of pharmatheutical or medical side effects.  In essence, people have sought acupuncture treatment when they feel that modern medicine has failed them.   Acupuncture works for many chronic situations as well as for some acute cases such as allergy symptoms, the common cold and a strained back.  However, acupuncture works best as preventive health care.  The major function of acupuncture is to balance and harmonize the body as a whole.  This allows the maximum benefit from the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  Unfortunately, presently acupuncture treatment as "preventive care" can be afforded only by very few in the United States due to the usually high cost.

New York GrassRoots Acupuncture was created in order to change the idea that acupuncture is just another "costly" healthcare option.  Our primary purpose is to offer the most affordable acupuncture treatment in New York.  The more affordable acupuncture becomes the greater number of people that can have access to it and enjoy its benefits.  This will lead to higher awareness of the benefits of acupuncture.  The idea is to improve one's health condition which overall will reduce unwanted side effects and painfully expensive medical treatments for both insured and non-insured individuals.  The unique aspect of New York GrassRoots Acupuncture is that the treatment rates are adjusted according to each individual's circumstances.  No one will be turned down just because of financial hardship.  There are no "hidden charges" or "membership system" that requires one to pay a large initial amount in order to qualify for a lower rate.    The treatment at New York GrassRoots Acupuncture is based solely on helping to achieve and maintain good health for the patient.